Find Your Lost Android Device (Android Basics)

Very little causes more anxiety these days than a lost smartphone. The good news is that Android has a feature built in to allow you to find a lost device and secure the lost device in the event that it has been stolen… Android Device Manager. This Android Basics tutorial will show you how to … Read more

3 Options to Automatically Backup Your Photos (Android Basics)

How to backup photos

Over the years since we entered the digital age, there’s been one problem that has persisted despite all of the advancements in our devices and the internet. Everyone knows someone (possibly yourself) that has lost, destroyed, or had a device that just stopped working for any number of reasons. One of the top requests for … Read more

How to factory reset Android and why you should

Factory reset sounds like a scary phrase to some people that may not fully understand the process and why it should be done. Have no fear! All articles in this series are going to be focused on demystifying Android fundamentals and providing tutorials on how to utilize these features. Everyone reading about tech out there is NOT necessarily a power user… I’m not talking to you guys here. I’m talking to everyone who wants to learn more about how to use their new Google phone, or droid! Over the years Android has become much more user friendly, but it’s still the go-to platform for those that don’t want to let a corporation decide what your device should be able to do and what it should look like. That level of customization also means that many features are buried deep within the software. I’m here for

Read more

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