Chhirp Review: Broadcast short looping voice recordings to Twitter

What is Chhirp?

Chhirp developed by Cord Project Inc is a simple voice broadcasting app for Twitter. Cord Project Inc combined the Twitter API and their own short audio recording technology to create this very simple, yet intuitive app for sharing short looping audio with a much broader audience… All of your Twitter followers.

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PDF Scanner App Comparison: Tiny Scanner vs Google Drive vs Office Lens

The world we live in relies on information being at our finger tips immediately the very second we desire it. Who has time to take a walk to the copier to scan a document? No worries, there is an app for everything these days, and document scanning is no exception. In fact, there are many … Read more

Biotix: Phage Genesis (Game Review)

Viral Android gaming experience?  Biotix: Phage Genesis by Ten Percent Red is probably the most fun you’ll have with a virus today… if you can get past the ads. The goal is very simple: be the virus to dominate all of virus kind! Spread your viral empire faster than your opponent… Dominate and eliminate all … Read more

One year Hulu subscription and half off accessories from T-Mobile if you switch from Verizon

Starting tomorrow, T-Mobile is offering Verizon customers a gift to switch to a Simple Choice post paid plan, no trade in required! If you’re a Verizon customer that’s thinking of switching, you can take advantage of this deal through Dec 17th. The complimentary Hulu subscription will be paid out via a $100 Hulu gift card … Read more

Google Play Music now includes a $14.99 family plan

Google Play announced today that the Google Play Music family plan announced originally on Sept 29, 2015 will be launched in the coming days. The new plan will allow 6 accounts (You + 5 family members) full access to Google Play Music’s services as well as access to YouTube Red (in the US). Looks like the … Read more