Find Your Lost Android Device (Android Basics)

Very little causes more anxiety these days than a lost smartphone. The good news is that Android has a feature built in to allow you to find a lost device and secure the lost device in the event that it has been stolen… Android Device Manager. This Android Basics tutorial will show you how to make sure that your settings are correct in order for you to be able to utilize the Android Device Manager and how to use it in the event that your Android is lost or stolen.


How to turn on Android Device Manager

Google Setting Android Device Manager

Step 1: Turn on Android Remote Location, Lock, and Erase

  • Locate Google Settings in your App drawer (Or locate Google in your Device Settings app)
  • Tap Security
  • Locate the Android Device Manager tab or heading
  • Toggle Remotely locate this device to On
  • Toggle Remote lock and erase to On

Step 2: Turn on Android Device Location Services

  • Locate device Settings in your app drawer
  • Tap Location (or Privacy then locate Location)
  • Toggle Location to On

With these steps completed, your device can now be located and secured remotely using a computer or another mobile device. Remember, do not make it easy for a thief to access your device. Follow basic smartphone security precautions and set a lock screen for your device so that only you can access the data on your device easily.

Locate Your Lost Android

Now that you’ve made sure that your settings are correct, you can track your lost phone or tablet using the Android Device Manager. Here’s how to find and secure your device.

  • Open any web browser on a computer or another mobile device and log in to your Google account.
  • Visit¬†
  • Select your device from the drop down menu if you have more than one device linked to your Google account.
  • Wait for Google to locate the device. The map will show the general location of the device.
  • If you’ve just misplaced your device, click Lock and Ring. The locked device will ring on loudest setting for 5 minutes or until you find the device and press the power button.
  • If you suspect your device is in unauthorized hands, note the location for authorities and click Erase to clear all of your private data from the device.

Android Device Manager Locating Device

Bonus tip: You can also just type Where is my phone or locate android device into the Google search box and see the location and Ring feature right in the search results.


We live in an increasingly mobile world. Much of your most private information may be stored on your phone. Many people could have there entire identity stolen just by their smartphone landing in the wrong hands. Don’t become a victim. Take these simple steps to ensure that your device can be located and erased in the event that the worst happens. ¬†Have you ever lost or worse, had your device stolen from you? Tell me your story in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, just sent me a direct message on Twitter or shoot me an Email.

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