WhatsApp now free

No More Subscription Fees

WhatsApp announced that they are removing the subscription fee previously charged after the first year of service to accommodate users around the world whom lack a method to pay (credit or debit card) the yearly fee of $0.99. WhatsApp plans to fund the service by making it easier for companies/groups to reach out to users that want to hear from them. We’re not exactly sure what that entails yet, but WhatsApp assures that the service will be ad and spam free. The company plans to start making these changes over the next several weeks.

WhatsApp is very popular outside of the US thanks to free international messaging that prevents international SMS charges from carriers that would be incurred if users were communicating via their standard carrier SMS service. WhatsApp Inc is a subsidiary of Facebook and has over 900 million users worldwide as of September 2015.

Source: WhatsApp

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