How to turn Binge On off or on

The Controversy 

Since T-Mobile announced Binge On on Nov 10th there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the plan. Does it violate net neutrality laws? Is T-Mobile throttling your data when streaming video on sites that aren’t participating in Binge On? How does this effect users? I’ll get to my thoughts about Binge On at the end of this post, but right now I’m going to show you how to enable or disable Binge On depending on your preferences on your post paid account.

Enable/Disable Binge On

1: Log in to My T-Mobile.

Click Profile upper right

2: Click on Profile in the upper right corner.

toggle on off

3: Click Media Settings inside the left panel.

4: Click to toggle Binge On On/Off in the upper right panel.

Done. Whatever your preference is, it is that easy. You can set this option for each line on your account. I have unlimited high speed data on my account so I set mine to off. I left the option On for the rest of my accounts due to the limited data they have available.


Does the new service violate a free and open internet? My opinion is… If users do not know that the service is active and optimizing the incoming video data (EFF states that T-Mobile is throttling the data) then maybe so. Remember that this is an OPTIONAL setting. So if you are unhappy with the resulting video playback at the lower quality setting, all you have to do is follow the quick steps above and turn it off. T-Mobile could have possibly avoided some of the blow back by setting Binge On to Off by default, meaning everyone who is interested in utilizing the service would have to Opt-In to receive the benefits of reduced data usage and free streaming at the partners participating in Binge On. I say benefits because if you are opting in to the service, you obviously see a benefit to using it. I believe that most consumers streaming video on a day to day basis either don’t see the difference in the quality of a 480p video vs a full HD video when viewing it on their 5 inch screens, or they don’t mind the difference given the benefit of stretching their data bucket further while still getting to enjoy the activities they partake in on the web.

UPDATE 1-28-16

T-Mobile has made it easier to toggle on/off Binge On.

From the phone dialer:

binge on status dialer

Dial #264# (#BNG#) to check the current setting

Dial #263# (#BOF#) to turn it off

Dial #266# (#BON#) to turn it on

From My T-Mobile Home Page:

Binge On shortcut


A shortcut has been added to the CURRENT PLAN info for each device.


How do you feel about T-Mobile’s Binge On?

I love it! I can finally watch movies all day without worrying about data.
It is a violation of net neutrality guidelines. T-Mobile should be stopped.
It’s ok. Binge On should be off by default. Allow customers to opt-in if they want it.
I don’t care.
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Disclaimer: I am a T-Mobile customer. Voice of Android nor myself are affiliated with T-Mobile.

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