Apps to help you keep your new year’s resolutions

Keep your new year’s resolutions with the right tools.

Did you receive a new Android device for Christmas this season? So now you’re just getting used to your new device. Maybe you’ve never used Android before now, or maybe you’re just looking for new ideas for your device now that you’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest. We’ve all made new year’s resolutions that we didn’t keep. This year, arm yourself with the tools to keep you motivated and hold yourself accountable. Your new device is up to the challenge, are you?

Stay healthy and fit

Most of us aspire each year to do more to improve our health and diet. Keeping the motivation to do that is easier said than done. Android can’t improve your health all by itself, but there are definately apps to help you along your path to wellness.

Google Fit




Google Fit- Fitness Tracking (Free) is great for tracking all of your fitness activity while taking all of your other nutrition and health statistics into account. Google Fit will use your Android device sensors to log your fitness activities automatically. The app aggregates all of your health data from many of your other health and fitness apps (MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, ect…) to deliver a big picture view of your health. Do you also have an Android Wear device? The app will synchronize the data collected with those devices as well.

Enjoy and get the most out of life

We all look back at the past year at some point in our lives and promise ourselves that we will live a more fulfilling life in the new year. Maybe you have an idea where your time goes, maybe you are not quite so sure. Those of you that are in the latter group are in luck.





Instant- Quantified Self (free with in-app purchases) tracks what you’re doing with your time. The app tracks the time you spend on your device along with the number of device unlocks as well as how much time you’ve spent in each app (to see the full app usage history, you’ll need to purchase an in-app upgrade). You can add locations to the app and it will track how much time you spend in each location that you have entered. The application synchronizes with Google Fit to track fitness data. You can set reminders to deliver notifications if you would like to set a device use limit. This app will not make your life more fulfilled by itself, but it will definitely add insight on what priorities are using up your valuable time.

Be more financially responsible

Most of us would love to have a little more money in the savings account and after the holiday season I know we are all thinking about spending less money.





Mint- Personal Finance and Money (Free) has been around for a while and with good reason. This is a money manager in your pocket. Mint can track all of your financial accounts: banks, retirement, credit, and assets. powerful categorization tools help you understand where your money is being spent so you can budget your money and manage your cash flow more efficiently.

Become more organized

Let’s face it, life in today’s world is fast paced. Trying to keep up with all of the info, tasks, and opportunities that arise is daunting task if you don’t have the proper tools. This will be an app combo as I depend on two apps to keep my mind organized and clear.





Google Keep (free) is a fast and simple note taking platform that has a surprising number of features that aren’t immediately noticed on the surface. I use this app daily for my “mind dump”, taking quick notes on the run, saving web pages for later viewing, and even drafting ideas for articles. You can set reminders for your notes that are time sensitive. Deep integration with Android means you can share pretty much anything on your device to Google Keep.






Trello (free) is where the real organization in my system takes place. Create your boards; create lists within each board; dump individual lists, notes, or tasks onto individual cards and drag them into the correct lists. Share the boards with your team or family members. Deep collaboration is easy here. synchronization keeps everything up-to-date so everyone can see progress as it happens. Everyone with access to the cards can leave comments so communication within the app is easy.

Get more out of Android

Ok… Maybe that’s not your resolution, it’s mine. I’m still going to give you a couple of apps to get more out of your new Android device.





GSam Battery Monitor (free) will help you track down which one of your shiny new apps is guzzling all of your battery power. This is the best battery statistics app available in my opinion.

gsam widget

The widgets are useful for an at a glance battery status check and estimated times for discharge or recharge.







Google Now Launcher (free) is the launcher of choice if you want a clean, pure Android experience on your device so you don’t have to be quite as jealous of your friends new Nexus device. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that I absolutely love for productivity and power, but I really am not a fan of the TouchWiz look and feel. Google Now Launcher is the remedy I use.

Happy New Year

Comment below and let me know what apps you utilize to keep your new year’s resolutions.

Hopefully a few of these apps will add some more value to your Android experience and in turn help you finally keep one of those resolutions that we have so much trouble keeping every year! More than anything I would like to wish you all a happy, prosperous, and exciting 2016. Thank you for being a part of the Voice of Android community!

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