Amzer Slim Pudding Soft Gel Case Review

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 version of the case.

Case collecting can be addictive. A new phone case can refresh the appeal of your device and a well made case can almost make it feel like a whole new device all together. This can be an expensive collection if you want the best cases for your device. Occasionally, a good case can be purchased for a bargain price. Let’s take a look at the Amzer Slim Pudding soft gel case to see if it’s a bargain or garbage.

First Impressions


When you’re paying bargain prices, don’t expect beautiful packaging… For that matter, don’t expect much of a package at all. You’ll likely receive a packing envelope with this inside.

Amzer Case Packaging

The first thing I notice are the glossy edges of the case offset by the matte back. This gives the case a more premium look.

Amzer Slim Pudding for Galaxy Note 5
Amzer Slim Pudding for Galaxy Note 5

The Build and Fit

Another thing you’ll notice immediately upon holding the case is how thin it is… Very thin. This is not going to add very much size or bulk to your device at only 1.4 ounces.

Thin Case Example

The case is made of a flexible thermo acrylic material that is resistant to oils and scratches.

Flexible Case

Installing the case was as simple as placing the top edge of the phone in the case and pressing the bottom in. The case fits snugly over the phone and the cutouts are roomy and precise. You’ll have no trouble plugging in any of your chargers or accessories.

Port Cutouts for Amzer

Access to the S Pen on my Note 5 is not hindered at all by the slim fit of the case.

S Pen access in Amzer Case

The case has raised buttons that fit precisely over the device buttons. Buttons are easily located by touch and are crisp when pressed.

Amzer Slim Pudding Buttons

The look and feel

The case has such a slim profile, that I feel like I am experiencing the comfort of holding my device without a case while adding the extra protection that is a must for a device like the Galaxy Note 5. The matte back is somewhat slippery but not as slippery as the glass back of my device. The glossy edges improve the grip in my hand tremendously. I do not feel uncomfortable holding the device in my hand. Thanks to the oil resistant properties of the material, there are no finger prints left on the case, even on the glossy edges.

The Protection

The Amzer Slim Pudding case provides more protection than I originally expected from what I can only describe as a case that is barely more than a skin.

Raised Bezel
Raised Bezel

The case has a raised bezel that protects the screen from surfaces if you place your device face down on a desk or table. The case is just thick enough to protect the raised rear facing camera on the Note 5. The device’s camera glass doesn’t touch the surface if placed on its back. Due to the material the case is made of, I feel the case will provide adequate bump and scratch protection, however I’m not certain how much protection you could expect if your device was dropped from a height or onto the surface of a parking lot while getting out of your car.

The Verdict

Amzer Slim Pudding Soft Gel Case = Win

This case is only going to set you back $7.95 at the time of this writing. At that price, this is a definite buy. This case will will provide good scratch protection and minor impact protection. If you’re a fan of slim, minimalistic cases that will preserve the form factor of your device. You will not be disappointed. If your case budget is only $10 dollars… You’ve found your case here. You’ll still have a couple of bucks left over.


  • Ultra thin, adds very little to device profile
  • Cheap
  • Resists fingerprints


  • No color options for Note 5, unless you like black.
  • Likely has only minor drop protection due to thin design

Do you agree? I tested the Galaxy Note 5 case. Have you used the case for a different phone model? If so, what was your experience? Let me know in the comments below. Want one? Check out the affiliate link below.

(This post contains affiliate links for the item reviewed. I purchased this item for full price for my personal use. I have not been paid to write this review. Voice of Android reviews will always be honest opinions of products… good or bad.)

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