Chhirp Review: Broadcast short looping voice recordings to Twitter

What is Chhirp?

Chhirp developed by Cord Project Inc is a simple voice broadcasting app for Twitter. Cord Project Inc combined the Twitter API and their own short audio recording technology to create this very simple, yet intuitive app for sharing short looping audio with a much broader audience… All of your Twitter followers.

How to Chhirp

Sign in with Twitter
Sign in with Twitter

Just sign in with your Twitter account. If you are already signed in to your Twitter app, it will just verify that you want to connect Chhirp with the account.

Press to record
Press and hold to record

Press and hold the mic button and start recording your audio. When you finish recording just take your thumb off of the mic button to pause the recording.

Review the recording
Review the recording

Press and hold again to resume the recording or press the next arrow to review the recording. It’s that easy.

Tweet Chhirp Recording

Type your message and tap the check to send the tweet. Done.

Chhirp Impression

The time from app download to broadcasting a message on our Twitter account took maybe 2 minutes, that’s with me having never used the app prior to start. Very easy to use app that does exactly what they designed it to do and does it well.

Those of you who want to share up to 1 minute of audio with the world via Twitter rather than typing out your message in 140 characters have no reason not to download this app now.
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