Biotix: Phage Genesis (Game Review)

Viral Android gaming experience? 
Biotix: Phage Genesis by Ten Percent Red is probably the most fun you’ll have with a virus today… if you can get past the ads.

The goal is very simple: be the virus to dominate all of virus kind! Spread your viral empire faster than your opponent… Dominate and eliminate all competition in each level.

Biotix Battle

The games menu is very simple and easy to understand.

Biotix Menu

Tapping play will take you to another menu so you can choose between single player and multi-player game modes.

Single Player Level Flow

Tapping single player will launch you into the main game’s level map. The very first level is a tutorial that does a good job assuring that you understand the basic concept of the game in just a couple of minutes. Make sure to complete the tutorial so you can collect the 1400 coins that you’ll need for early upgrades.

Laboratory Screen

The second button in the main menu is the laboratory where you’ll spend the hard earned coins your viral army has earned you on upgrades to your virus stats and genetic modifications to improve the capabilities of your virus. If you’re impatient and would like to go buy some coins to upgrade faster…

Biotix Store

You can do just that through the next menu button, the store. Here you can spend your hard earned dollars on coins for rapid upgrades, but in my opinion, the most attractive purchase here is a $1.99 option to disable ads. It is possible to play through this game without spending any real world money, however the ads pop up between every single level (most of the time with no skip option) and it very quickly becomes annoying enough to spend a couple of bucks to enjoy the quite addictive game play of Biotix (The dev has to eat too!).

Connect multi-player

Opponent Matched


Multi-player mode will match you up with a random player opponent. This is a cross platform mode, so you may be matched up with players using other mobile operating systems. The casual gamer replay value of multi-player mode is high providing there are enough other players online at the same time. I did wait a couple of minutes on one occasion to be matched with an opponent, I’m assuming that this was because there were just too few players online during that time.


Don’t forget to check out your progress and bragging rights in the rewards menu!


The game runs well on my low end test devices. The LG Optimus L90 that I use to test many of my apps runs the game with no lag or stutter.


Biotix: Phage Genesis is a good casual game that has incorporated a cross platform multi-player mode that gives the game a great replay value and is ideal during short gaming sessions when you just need to burn up a few spare minutes.

The ads are frequent and repetitive enough that they may effect your game satisfaction, but the game is good enough in my opinion to spend the $1.99 to eliminate the ads.

Try it out, it’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you like it, spend the money so you can really enjoy it.


Get it on Google Play

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