Game App Review: Soda Dungeon

Welcome to Soda Dungeon

Soda Dungeon by Armor Games is a lighthearted RPG game that places you in the role of a broke and cowardly entrepreneur looking for a way to make some coin in the local dungeon full of riches.

Soda Junkie Ready for ActionYou find yourself drowning away your sorrow at the local soda tavern when you see a hyper fellow in the corner. A quick chat with him gives you an idea… These raging adventurers that are all hopped up on soda can do the dirty work in the dungeon for you!



This soda junkie is pumped and ready to pick a fight! You head to the dungeon with your fearless new partner and he starts pounding the dungeons creatures and taking the loot. His soda fueled hunt for riches is cut short though, after a few small battles he is defeated and in a rush to save his life he drops the loot as he flees the dungeon.

Soda Junkie ready for combatJunkie dropped the loot






You grab the loot knowing that you have stumbled upon a business model that could work!



Soda junkie for hire

You take the bag of loot back to the tavern to recruit another soda junkie. You of course discover that  there’s another soda drunk guy there that is ready to head to the dungeon and fight your fight… for a fee of course. The bar owner and a travelling salesman both see the value in your little scheme and decide to help you if you’re willing to spend a little coin on them. You can upgrade the shoddy tavern and add to the quality and variety of soda that is available,
Upgraded Tavernthese upgrades increase the reputation of the tavern. The higher the reputation of the tavern goes, the higher the quality and quantity of visiting adventurers for hire are! Now you can hire a team to do your looting!



Game Play

The game play is rapid turned based combat. You advance deeper into the dungeon after winning each battle until you’re entire party is defeated. Once defeated, your current dungeon run is over and you return to town to hire new adventurers and resupply. Although the play is quite addictive, it did become repetitive for me after about an hour, but after a break I pick it up and find myself addicted to it again for another hour.

Graphics and Device Demand

The game runs without lag on all of my devices. The retro graphics remind me of gaming from my childhood and are not very demanding on a GPU. I have an LG Optimus L90 laying around that ran the game with no problems or lag. Playing on my Galaxy Note 5, the game used 2.6% of my battery during a 10 minute playing session.

My Opinion

This is a certified download and play today. You’ll find yourself burning all of your free time in Soda Dungeon. Your wait at the bus stop or in the waiting room will fly by! The developer did a great job providing a free to play game that can be completed without spending a single penny, but if you’re impatient you can purchase tavern upgrades with your money instead of the in game gold. $0.99 will also allow you to block the ads from popping up, but I find that the ads are not very intrusive and only pop up occasionally.


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Tavern Bar Keep

 Achievements New SodaTavern UpgradesJunkie Stats

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